Wholesale Policy

Looking to place a wholesale order for pins for your organisation. I’d love to make them for you! But first, there are some things you need to know. 

First and foremost, I am a one-woman business. When you read “We” in an email, I mean me darling. I am the social media manager, the photographer, the customer support worker, and the designer (my favourite hat to wear). Which means that it will take time to complete an order and have it shipped to you within the time frame that you require. Depending on the item and the quantity, I will require approximately 1-2 months advance notice. This gives me time to place orders for materials, have them shipped to me, to make the items, and it gives me a bit of leeway in case I need a break from making 100 pins. Beading is a relaxing, meditative practice. However, it can be taxing on the shoulders, back and hands. I am a fabulous human being, however, I do require breaks. 

Typically, this is included in the order. You pay so much for my services. The least that I could do is include tracked shipping. Please note that after I package your order with all of the love and care in the world. Once, I drop it off at the post office, I have zero control over when your package arrives. I do make every attempt possible to bring the order to the post office in a timely manner. However, things like wild holiday shipping delays can be an annoying thing to deal with.

I typically price myself at $20 per hour. Depending on the amount of time required to make your items, as well as how pricey materials are. That number can change. When placing your order, I do offer a sliding scale. Please respect that sliding scale. 

Read through everything? Perfect! Email me your ideas and let's get beading!