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I am a Mohawk woman from Akwesasne, ON. Akwesasne is a special territory that has the American and Canadian border situated throughout our lands. Thus dividing my territory into Quebec, Ontario and Upstate New York.

I first learned beadwork by watching my mother make hair brooches. She noticed how captivated I was by the shiny red bugle beads she was using and decided to teach me. From there, my interests expanded towards making bracelets and earrings. My designing preferences settled on earrings for some time, and this is because earrings play a part in a persons identity. They can be for statement purposes, as an extension of one's identity, for comfort, or to simply bring an outfit together. I enjoy providing those comforts to customers, no matter their ethnicities. 

I first began my post-secondary education in 2016 majoring in art education, studying with Concordia University in Montreal, QC. Upon beginning my first year, I felt an extreme amount of anxiety and homesickness. The one practice that I held onto is my beadwork. It’s the one practice that centered and calmed me while trying to navigate the city. As an art student, I seized every opportunity to incorporate my beadwork into my studio practices. Each class has a new group of students and some have not been exposed to Indigenous beadwork, or are even aware that Indigenous people still exist in today's world. I responded to this by making more Indigenous related pieces and that became the start towards awareness for the uninformed.

Today, I am still a student and I'm currently pursuing a minor in entrepreneurial studies. A complete 180º from art education, I know. Art is the core of who I am, but I am working to compliment that trait and become my own boss. I have this passion for jewelry and beadwork, and I am on this adventure to see where it will take me. I’m excited to have you all following along with me as I discover who I am as an Indigenous entrepreneur.


Thank you.