Orders of $90 or more will receive free shipping in North America!

COVID-19 Information

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the following list of prevention measures will be put into place effective immediately.


Prior to packaging orders, hand sanitation is required to disinfect bacteria on the hands, as well as on products. All packing stations will be cleaned with disinfectant spray. 

Post Office

To eliminate the possibility of contracting COVID-19, packages will be deposited at the post office every Monday afternoon. If there is an order submission placed after that time, they will be held until the following Monday. Once an order has been delivered to the post office, I am no longer in control of how they handle the package. Canada Post has their own COVID-19 policies that they have to follow. To learn more, head to the Canada Post website. 


Niawenko:wa (Thank you very much) for your patience. It does not go unnoticed and I greatly appreciate you all!