Shipping Policy

Here's everything you need to know before purchasing!

All packages are shipped within 3-5 days after purchasing. All orders within Canada will receive tracking based on Canada Posts' policies. When shipping outside of Canada, you have the option to select tracking or non-tracking shipping based on your preferences. 

Post office closures

The holidays may mean post office closures. To avoid any delays in your order, please place your order at least 5 days before. This will give me enough time to package and deliver your order to the post office. However, once I drop your package off. I have no control over how long it takes the post office to deliver your items. Please be kind to your local delivery person.



Holiday seasons are an amazing time to support your local artists. However, when it comes to shipping. Sometimes orders may take longer than expected to get to you. Once I deliver your order to the post office, it is literally out of my hands. Please be kind to your local deliver person. They are doing their best to get your items safely to you. If you fear a delay in your delivery, please order your items earlier. Or purchase express shipping to place a priority on your order.



Any item with the label 'Pre-Order' will require at least 2 days to be made prior to the typical shipping times. Pre-orders are not ready-made products. Meaning that I only make the item once a customer has placed an order for it. This has an effect on the completion time of products as 1 item may take 1 hour to complete, while another may require 2 hours. To avoid any delays in the delivery of the item. Please carefully read the item descriptions.